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Marketing Services

Connect with Top Marketing Agencies to fit your company needs and goals

Social Media Marketing

Connect with Top Social Media Firms across all types of industries

Lead Generation

Connect with Top Digital Ad Experts for increasing sales, awareness, & traffic

Executive Assistants

Connect with top-level Executive Support (Executives who need admin)

Payroll & HR

Connect with Boutique Payroll Companies , pay no up front fees, and have direct access to company

Merchant Processing

Connect with High Risk Merchants, Low Rate Offers, and companies who can save you money

VC Investment Funds looking for projects

Seeking Pre-seed, Seed, & Early-Stage Projects in Web 3.0, DeFi, Cryptocurrency, Alternative, Emerging Industries Deal Flow

Crypto Investments

Pre-seed, Seed, & Early-Stage Projects involved in Cryptocurrency & DeFi. Projects including The Metaverse, Gaming, VR, Real Estate, Music, Personal Development & More

NFT Investments

Pre-seed, Seed, & Early & Mid stage Projects involved in Gaming, Metaverse, Real Estate, Luxury Auto, Music, Luxury Watches, PFP, Personal Development & More

Resources For Web 3.0, Crypto, NFT Projects

Crypto Resources

Development of Token Creation on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, & More

NFT Resources

NFT Custom Smart Contract Development on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana & More

Raise Capital

Companies looking for Capital Funding from strategic partnerships across the world for Crypto, NFT & DeFi Projects

DeFi Funds

DeFi Resources

Crypto Hedge Fund Relations for investing, staking, liquidity pool mining, and farming options

Seeking DeFi Funds to Invest in

Connect with the nations top DeFi Hedge Fund Managers that can help you grow your Cryptocurrency portfolio & More

Seeking Clients

DeFi Funds looking to expand their clientele of investors in their respective funds.

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When Preparation meets opportunity you become very lucky. I was able to see what it took to go from start-up to 100M+ in revenue. I was lucky  enough to build a business from my living room to sell our company to a publicly traded company before 30 years old. 

 I understand now what it means to sit in a boardroom, and make the best decisions for the growth of a company. 

Green Roads became the the top privately-held Hemp Company in the United Sates over the years of 2017-2020.  

From learning from some of the greatest mentors in the world, and my experience building and leading a company to over 9 figures in revenues I learned what it takes managerially, strategically, leadership wise, and organizationally to run a high performance company.