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For Companies

Strategic Marketing Services


Providing your business accelerated success in the online marketplace.

Digital Advertising

Presenting your brand’s unique assets to your target audience via all major social media platforms

Graphic Designers

Creating visuals that will impact your audience and let your story. (Audio or Visual)


Ensuring that your business is found amongst targeted keyword searches via Google Engine, and Ad Placements.

Photography Creation

1 professional photoshoot per quarter (product + lifestyle) Provide 20-35 professional photos per month Utilized for Social Media, Ads, Emails, Website, Campaign, etc.

Videography Creation

Visual and Audio Content Recorded, and Edited into Various Formats and to be compatible with websites, and social media / online platforms.

Social Media Marketing: Services


Competitive strategy and insights Marketing campaign creation for social media channels Brand cohesion through graphic and content designs

Instagram/Facebook Management

Post photos on the feed (3-5 times per week as platform optimized) Re-posts + graphics on story Post 4 REELS per month Create captions Write and respond to direct messages Track engagement and insights

Content Creation

Provide creative content ideas Relevant or necessary designs for paid media channels Relevant or necessary designs for social media channels Directing content strategy for brand channel

Brand + Aesthetic Development

Create a monthly on-brand aesthetic Instagram feed Revamp the entire Instagram to create a new look and feel for the page Update highlights + bio as needed

Influencer Marketing

Connect with relevant influencers Create content together Utilize audiences to reach new customers Check DM’s for any people who want to try the product

Ambassador Marketing

Organic outreach to micro-influencers Free product exchange for postings UGC and trust bucket building


Connect with relevant accounts Interact with users, comments, likes Curated hashtag list

Brand Building/Lead Generation: Resources

Referral Campaigns

Give/get systems Rewards and competitions Sharing campaigns

Affiliate Marketing

Platform management New affiliates sign up Active affiliates engage/campaign plan Spifs/specials to generate traffic and sales

Email Marketing/Ecommerce

Weekly newsletter Monthly optimizations to automated marketing campaigns SMS/Push Notifications New Email Acquisition Welcome Series


Payroll & Human Resources

Save Money on Payroll

Decrease hidden payroll fees, healthcare premium , reduce workers compensation premiums, Add business check-up tools & more

Payroll, Benefits, and Compliance

Effective Management, HR programs to boost employee morale, admin efficiency

Reduce Risks

Share the burden of employment with the experts, and let our partner manage the risky side of business leaving you to focus on core competences

Virtual Assistants

Client Management

Keep clients happy, and use Va's for account management

Video/Photo Editing

Edit photos/videos for your company using this service

Operation Management

Set up Standard Operating Procedures & systems / software

Executive Assistants

Set up calendar, answer your emails, and help you organize all business needs

Funnel Building

Set up Landing Pages, personal websites, and you

Email Automation

Set up email marketing via Mailchimp, Klayveo.

Lead Generation

Set up your facebook, Instagram Ads, and respond DM's

Social Media

Organize our social media content for personal / company brand

Sales Mastery Training

Sales Team

A proven strategy on how to sell a product/service

Sales Strategy

How to create up-front contracts

Master Negotiation

How to master negotiation skills

Find more deals

How to find and close profitable deals

Close more deals

Increasing win rates and revenue margins, and the number of salespeople exceeding quota

Sales Improvement

Addressing sales manager professional development, and reduce turnover of sales personnel

Sales Content Creation

Creating visuals that will impact your audience and let your story

Keeping Customers

Increasing customer retention and upset opportunities. Develop a common sales language and process