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About Danny Perdeck:
Entrepreneur & Podcast Host

Danny Perdeck is a pioneer of the hemp industry and now focused on global business impact and personal development. As co-founder of Green Roads, he curated and led a early-adopting sales and marketing team in the emerging CBD industry in 2014. For the next 7 years from the living room to large manufacturing, distribution, and corporate headquarters, Green Roads became one of the largest privately owned companies in the industry, award-winning Company and being named Advocate of the Year in 2019, Danny Perdeck grew the organization to over $100 Million + in Revenues. This lead to the successful sale of Green Roads to The Valens Company in 2021 for $40 Million.

After the sale and accomplishment, it was time for Danny to grow into a Conscious Entrepreneur and continue to solve problems with solutions, and create impact in this world; the vision. Being a successful Entrepreneur in Early Emerging Industries, Danny Perdeck is now focusing on Web 3, Crypto, NFT’s, and DeFi where he believes this is part of our future to allow Entrepreneurs to continue thriving and adding new ways humanity will be integrating in everyday commerce and interactions.

I am global connector looking to provide value to your business and connecting with VC Firms looking for Pre-seed, Seed, & Early Stage, Investments in alternative investments such as crypto, DeFi, NFT Projects, Gaming , & More.- Danny Perdeck

I will be announcing the projects I am associated with soon.


Danny Perdeck's First Company is acquired.

Danny Perdeck (Co-Founder)  sells his first company for over $40 Million + to The Valens Company in April 2021 after 7 years of building.

Podcast Millionaire Voices

Danny Perdeck creates a Business/Life Podcast for Entrepreneurs to learn from CEOs, Business Owners / Founders on what it takes to run a  high-performance company and maintain a balanced life. 

Business & Life Services

Danny Perdeck -Vote for his nomination for Forbes 30 under 30 in 2022. Danny built a 30 person powerful sales team from the ground up – generating over 8+ figures in revenue before the age of 30 years old. 

Danny Perdeck Mentors

Jim Fannin

Founder of SCORE – Coaching for Champions. Coached Danny Perdeck to led team to over $100M+ in Revenues

Ryan Blair

Founder of Altercall- Billionaire Ryan Blair , coached Danny Perdeck to connect with his spirituality and to become a polished Executive.

Arby Barroso

Co-Founder of Green Roads & Zahav. Arby Barroso discovered Danny Perdeck in 2014, and gave him the opportunity to create the evolution of Green Roads together.

Danny Perdeck Resume

Finance-Graduated 2013

Graduated from Florida State University in 2013. Danny Perdeck was born to be an Entrepreneur. He started a distribution company which led to building Green Roads

Co-Founder Green Roads

Danny Perdeck is a Co-Founder of Green Roads , a nations leading CBD Company. He was the President of Sales , Sr. VP of Business Development from inception until 2020.

Fort Lauderdale's Finest Entrepeuner

Winner of Fort Lauderdale Finest 2019. A Proud Accomplishment recognizing successful Entrepreneurs for their Business achievements and ability to give back to community